HQS Inspections Services

The Housing Authority of the City of Bellingham (BHA) invites qualified inspection firms or
individuals to submit proposals to provide professional multi-family unit inspection services
utilizing the Federal Housing Quality Standards (HQS) as described in the scope of service
requirements section of this request for proposals (RFP).

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Responses to Questions

Referral Based Preference Vouchers

The Bellingham Housing Authority is soliciting offers from qualified agencies interested in accessing tenant-based Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers (HCVs) for their clients and who are willing to provide supportive services for these clients. The objective of the program is to offer individuals and families an opportunity for permanent affordable housing, and provide them with supportive services that will enable them to stabilize their living conditions and remain successfully housed. Agreements resulting from this RFP will be for an initial one (1) year period with two (2) one-year options to renew at the sole discretion of Bellingham Housing Authority (BHA). It is estimated that the total number of vouchers available for the program will be 60 (5 released per month) and the point structure for scoring proposals places emphasis on collaboration between housing, supportive services and educational institutions (i.e., public schools, community colleges, etc.)

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Response to questions pertaining to the Bellingham Housing Authority's Request for Proposals Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Tenant-Based Supportive Housing Program. Click Here.