Public Records Request

It is BWCHA’s policy to release records in compliance with the Washington Public Records Act (“Act”), Chapter 42.56 RCW, and any other applicable provisions of federal or state law.


BWCHA has established procedures we follow in order to provide full access to public records, and provides information to persons wishing to request access to public records of the BHA and establishes processes for both Requesters and BHA staff.


To read the public records disclosure policy and download a form that you can use to request a public record, go to the following links:

BWCHA Public Records Policy click here: BHA Public Records Policy

BWCHA Public Records Request Form click here: Public Records Request Form


Public Records Officer


Post Office Box 9701


Bellingham WA 98227-9701


Phone:  (360) 715-7330


Fax:  (360) 676-7747


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