Private Housing Assistance

This program lets you rent from a private landlord anywhere in Whatcom County . The Housing Authority pays a portion of your rent to your landlord and you also pay a portion. The amount of assistance is based upon your income. This assistance may go with you if you move after one year.

Unlike our other housing programs, where the Housing Authority is the landlord, the Housing Choice Voucher program is for housing owned by private landlords.

How the Housing Choice Voucher Program Works

The Housing Choice Voucher program involves three main components: the lease, the contract and the voucher. The Housing Authority administers and monitors the rental assistance for eligible clients/tenants.

The client/tenant signs a rental lease with a private landlord and the landlord signs a housing contract with the Housing Authority.

Project Based Assistance

A project based program attaches a subsidy (rental assistance) to a specific unit. Unlike the tenant based voucher program where the subsidy is assigned to the tenant, the project based assistance is assigned to the unit.

Go Section 8

The Housing Authority has integrated a new online property listing service that is available to landlords and Housing Choice Voucher Section 8 recipients "free of charge".  It's called "Go Section 8".

Properties listed with this service links Housing Choice Voucher Section 8 families to properties accepting Section 8 rental assistance.

"Go Section 8" is a nationwide service that hundreds of housing authorities offer their landlords and tenants.

Landlords can list as many properties as they want with this service "free of charge", including prictures.

Tenants can use the site to find a Section 8 rental.

Landlord Link: GoSection8 - Landlords

Tenant Link: GoSection8 - Tenants

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