Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) waitlist is currently closed.   


     To review the current status of a BWCHA waitlist,    

  select the applicable waitlist time chart below.

Project Based Properties Wait Times

Notice of Waitlist Closure

The following Bellingham Housing Authority waiting lists have received an adequate number of applicants and therefore will be closed to new applications as of the date identified below. Applications for closed waitlists will not be accepted and no further communication will be provided.

When the list of applicants decreases, the lists will be re-opened. At that time, an ad
will be placed in the paper and a notice will be posted in BHA offices and on its
website inviting applicants to apply.

Project-Based Voucher (PBV) Waitlists

PBV County: 3 bedroom                                         Closed as of December 1, 2017

PBV City: 2 bedroom                                              Closed as of December 1, 2017


Affordable Housing Waitlists

Catherine May: 1 bedroom Closed as of October 1, 2017
Birchwood Manor: 1 bedroom
Closed as of October 1, 2017
Sumas Square: 1 bedroom
Closed as of October 1, 2017
Varsity Village: 2 bedroom
Closed as of October 1, 2017
Public Housing 1 bedroom
Closed as of November 1, 2017

*Please note the 411 York Street office is now by appointment only. The 208 Unity Street office will remain open to the public.


BHA will accept supportive service pre-applications for each property that has units with the supportive service set-aside.

Affordable Housing Waitlists
Varsity Village: 3 bedroom
Everson Meadows: 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom

Public Housing Waitlists
Public Housing (City): 3 bedroom (Family)
   4 bedroom (Family)
Public Housing (County): 3 & 4 bedroom (Family)