How to contact us

Mailing Address:

Bellingham Housing Authority
P.O. Box 9701
Bellingham, WA 98227-9701


Administrative Offices:

208 Unity Street

Bellingham WA 

 Office Hours:

Monday - Friday

Lobby Hours: Closed until further notice

Business Hours: 8:00AM - 5:00PM

Saturday & Sunday      Closed


Telephone Numbers:

Phone: (360) 676-6887

Maintenance Emergencies: (360) 676-6893

Fax (General): (360) 676-7696

Fax (Leased Housing): (360) 527-4630

TDD/TTY: (360) 527-4655




BWCHA Staff Directory

Name Phone Extension Email Address Job Title Caseload
Leased Housing Rental Assistance Personnel:
*Caseloads are based on first letter of last name unless otherwise specified
Carina Rivera 4656 Housing Programs Coordinator I Applicants
Curt Stocker 4603
HQS Housing Inspector
Deanna Vitt 4654 Housing Programs Coordinator II P, Q, R, S, T, U, V
Debbie Lagman 4622 Housing Programs Coordinator II E, F, G, H, I, N, X, Y, Z & HUD-VASH
Jennie Vinson 4627 Housing Programs Coordinator II J, K, O & Portability
Kathy Smith 4610 Housing Programs Coordinator II C, D, L, M & Enhanced Vouchers
Kellyann Walbeck 4613 Housing Programs Coordinator II A, B & Shelter Plus Care
Ty Terrwyn 4616 Housing Programs Coordinator II W & PBV Tenants
Rental Management Public & Subsidized Housing Personnel:
Caseloads based on property
Chris Qualls 7344 Housing Programs Coordinator I Applicants
Doug Patten 7312 Housing Programs Coordinator II Tenants
Iryna Weafer 7303 Housing Programs Coordinator II Tenants
Tyson Stap 7314 Housing Programs Coordinator I Applicants
Accounting Personnel
Carol Penksa 7331 Accounting Technician
Claudine Dugi 4608 Accounting Technician - Temp
Jessica Ota 4644 Accountant
Lola Reed 4623 Accounting Technician - Payroll
Patrice Knight 4609 Accounting Technician
Sandi Pelch 4640 Accountant
Development Personnel
Cameron Hatcher 4636 Contracts & Purchasing Coordinator
Janice Willis 4615 Construction & Development Manager
Rich Jackman 4642 Development Coordinator
Information Technology Personnel
Linda Dyde 4619 IT Specialist
Keith Warkentin 4614 IT Support Technician
Supervisors & Executive Personnel
Ben Hancock 4626 Accounting Manager
Brien Thane 4602 Executive Director
Chris Longwell 4606 Director of IT
Dan Heverling 4607 Director of Finance
Dave Johnson Grounds Supervisor
Irma Kohlman 7346 Rental Management Supervisor
Kate Donnelly 7345 Chief Operating Officer
Ken Van Winkle 7325 Director of Asset Development
Lindsay Burmeister 7330 Executive Services Manager
Ray Heffley 7339 Maintenance Manager
Tony Casale 4617 Director of Leased Housing