Please be advised, Bellingham Housing Authority will be replacing all South facing windows at Chuckanut Square Apartments starting in late April 2023.  This project is scheduled to continue until September 2023.

Beginning late April, please expect increased activity at the property.  Contractors will be working to complete this project with as little disruption as possible.

Additional notices will be provided before starting required work within individual (South facing) apartments.

If you receive notice that your windows will be replaced, you can expect the work to take approximately 2 days to complete.  Prior to the work starting you will be asked to clear an area around your windows (1 foot on each side and 4 feet in front).   

South facing apartments include:

If you have additional questions about this project, please contact the Project Manager or your Property Manager as follows:

Project Manager:
Frederic Schwab
(360) 527-4636

Property Manager:
(360) 715-7317